Founding Partners

The three founding partners have over 90 years of healthcare specialized experience as provider CEOs, COOs, CTOs, and CFOs. One of our founding partners has started and managed over four large bank healthcare lending units. One of our founding partners has created over 15 healthcare related companies including a certified EHR company. The same partner has developed and sold a national diagnostic center, started and managed a specialized billing billing company. The third partner has been the CTO to a multi-national publicly traded company, and co-managed a physician practice and product management company. This partner, is also, a director to two data exchange or integration systems. We are affiliated with a nationally known academic based RCM program and company. Finally, we have and we seek further industry related channel and vendor sales partners.

Management Partners

HLS’s day to day operating, underwriting, sales, and analytical management staff all have decades of specialized experience working with provider borrowers and lender underwriters, portfolio management, collateral managers and cash control professionals.

Collateral and Insurance Partners

HLS is based on Healthcare AR valuation and control. HLS has consultant collateral partners with healthcare real estate valuations experts as well as healthcare equipment professionals. In addition, HLS has partnered with a collateral insurance company that provides balance sheet strength to HLS’s collateral liquidation value.

Pete Gratale

Reynold Yordy

Terry Cady